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Maryland History Day

Read the Advancers' Packet for student registration and deadlines

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2021 Maryland History Day

Theme: Communication in History: The Key to Understanding

District Contests: Throughout Maryland, District Contests are held in February and March 2021. Find your district contest here

State Contest: The statewide contest will be held digitally. 

National Contest: National History Day 2021 will be held digitally.

Visit marylandhistoryday.org for resources like topic lists, research days, and online databases!

Important Deadlines (updated 12/8/2020)

  • Online Registration:  March 31st, 2021
  • Student Projects Due: April 5th
  • Announcement of results: May 2nd

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Welcome Maryland History Day Students

**The 2021 Maryland History Day Contest will be taking place digitally**

Review the Advancers' Packet for details about registration and uploading projects.

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  • March 31st - Last day for 1st Login or Registration
  • April 5th - Student Materials Due

Resources for Students





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Welcome Maryland History Day Teachers




Hello Teachers! Please visit the District Contest page to see if your area has a registration website. If so, you must register there. Your registration will be carried over to the State contest if your students advance. If your local contest does not have a registration site, you will be able to register here on February 1st. 

Teachers Registration and Troubleshooting Guide
Student's Advancer Packet

Are you a History Day fan? Consider judging! You'll see more project examples, and be able to contribute to the success of other students! Register to judge by creating a new account with a new email and username. 


Teacher Survey: TBA

Teacher Resources

Maryland Humanities is ready to help with these resources:

-Teacher Google Drive
-Monthly Webinars
-Register for E-News
-Sign up for Classroom Visits                    


THANK YOU for your tireless support of Maryland students and your work on behalf of Maryland History Day. We are thrilled to honor two of many outstanding Maryland History Day teachers at our state contest. 



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Welcome Maryland History Day Judges

**2021 Digital Contest Registration Is Now Open**  

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Maryland Humanities thanks you for offering to serve as a judge for the 2021 Maryland History Day digital competition when hundreds of students will be prepared with History Day projects focused on the theme of “Communication in History”

While most judges include humanities scholars, teachers, librarians, and museum professionals, anyone who completes the judge training module may judge. You can play an important role by volunteering as a History Day judge – reviewing student projects, interviewing contestants, selecting the winners to advance to the national contest, and providing constructive feedback.



Judging for more than one contest? Click here for multi-contest portal instructions. 


Judges Orientation Sessions

Committments and Responsibilities

All Judges must complete the Judge Training Module. This includes a video and a couple questions to respond to, and should take around 40 minutes to complete.

First Round Judges

  • Before the Contest: Judges will receive their assigned projects two and half weeks before the contest date. They will then have about ten days to read over their projects, which generally takes 3-4 hours. Judge groups will then schedule a meeting to determine their rankings, about 1 hour. Rankings are due the Monday before the contest date, from the Judge captain. Judges may then use the final week before the contest to edit their comments into constructive feedback form, about 1 hour.
  • Day of the Contest: Judges will be invited to special History Day programming, TBD

Final Round Judges

  • Finals Judges will get their assigned projects by the Wednesday prior to the contest date. They will then have those days to look them over and take notes, which should take 3-4 hours. On the contest date, Finals Judges will confer starting at 12 p.m. to decide on their rankings, about 2 hours. They will then have until the end of the day to edit their feedback.

Resources for Judges

Our Judge Toolkit google drive contains all the documents below as well as helpful tips, project examples and more. 

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